Hoe het begon…


Some info about how we started…

How I met, fell in love with, and started breeding the beautiful Bohemian Terrier

About 10 years ago, I accidentally ran into a small dog with a very beautiful, but particular look.

It caught my attention right away, and I wanted to find out more about that breed.

I found out that I saw my first Cesky terrier!

Immediately I fell  in love with the breed, and I knew then that this was THE breed for me.

Since I did not have any dogs at that time, I started looking for a Cesky, to buy.

After a whole year of research and looking for a Cesky to buy, I still had not found one.

Then I found an adverticement about two Cesky´s, who needed a new family to stay.

They were six and seven years old, the add said, but before I knew it,

they were in my living-room. To stay!

Unfortunate they were kept as kennel dogs until then, so they were not very socialized and not house-broken.

It took me a couple of weeks to re-socialize them, and after that they became very close friends to me as well as to each other, and very fine company in the house.

Their name’s were Blue and Hunter and yes, my kennel is named after them.

That is their legacy, as  nowadays they have both passed away due high age.

May they rest in peace.

I really loved those dogs, and they made me want more.

This kennel is founded on my love for them, and I will never forget them!

* Hennie *


Hunter(l) and Blue(r)

 A little history on the breed, and its founder,

mr. Horac

The Cesky Terrier, also referred to as a Bohemian Terrier, is a relatively new breed.

The breed was developed by mr. Frantisek Horac.

Mr. Horac began to develop the Cesky breed in 1949.

Mr. Horac  wanted a dog that could go to the ground, and not `get stuck`, as his Scotties sometimes did,

but one that was more amenable to other dogs than most terriers, so they could be used to hunt in groups.

Mr. Horac believed he could produce the kind of dog he wanted, by breeding a Sealyham and a Scottie.

In 1949 he did the first breeding and kept the records extremely detailed.

The Cesky was recognized by the FCI in 1963, but in the 1980´s, mr. Horac

decided that the breed needed some new blood.

So a Sealyham was bred back into the breed twice, with permission of the FCI.

The breed has enjoyed success both as a hunting animal and in the show ring.

Bless you, mr. Horac. RIP 


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Sinds jaren het thuis van bewezen uitmuntende Bohemian/Cesky Terriers. From NL, with love.

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